How To Sell Bitcoin In India 2022? A Simple Guide

If you are looking forward to selling your Bitcoin, here is our post guiding you on How to sell bitcoin in India?

how to sell bitcoin in india

Bitcoin is digital money and is abbreviated as BTC. Bitcoin is a digital payment independent of any centralized power, authority, or bank supervision. Instead, it relies on training software and cryptography. A cryptocurrency is a currency in which digital files are used as money. It is essentially a collection of binary data meant to operate as a method of exchange.

So there may be a lot of confusion while selling a bitcoin, and only a few are familiar with it. However, this article will benefit those who don’t know how to sell bitcoin in India

How To Sell Bitcoin In India? 

You could indeed sell Bitcoin in India using the same platform you used to buy it or through peer-to-peer (P2P) exchanges such as LocalBitcoins. The latter enables you to sell cash straight to the client without the involvement of a third party or middleman. 

It can give the seller more than usual control over who buys your bitcoins, who you purchase from, and the pricing and settlement time. On the other hand, the conventional online exchange arranges the trade on your behalf while maintaining the highest level of confidentiality.

The seller is charged a modest fraction of the cryptocurrency sale fee. The market’s composition and demand will determine the currency’s price. 

A Bitcoin can be sold in whole or in parts. Furthermore, exchanges often have annual and weekly withdrawal restrictions, which means that revenue from a large payment may not be accessible to the trader right once.

How To Convert Bitcoin To Cash?

  • By Exchange

The first way to convert bitcoin to cash is through an agency or broker, which works similarly to the currency conversion system at airports after depositing virtual money to exchange and requesting a withdrawal. 

The broker will send your funds to the same checking account where you purchased the coins. The country’s anti-money-laundering rules prohibit deposits in the same bank account. This approach is thought to be safe and protected, but it takes a long time to convert. The typical period for money to arrive in your account is 4-6 days. The exchanges usually charge fees for the transaction, which vary by broker and country.

Furthermore, ATMs and Bitcoin Debit Cards function similarly to third-party brokers. You open an account that allows you to sell bitcoins and make withdrawals in both cases. The most significant negative is the hefty transaction costs. However, this service is not accessible in India.

Select the third-party broker exchange you want to utilize. Sign up and go through the brokerage’s verification process before depositing (or purchasing) bitcoin into your wallet. Finally, withdraw your bitcoins by putting them into a bank account.

  • Platforms For Peer-To-Peer Communication

If you need to sell bitcoin for cash quickly, you can use peer-to-peer marketplaces. You may also choose the payment method you wish purchasers to utilize when selling bitcoins utilizing this approach.

Furthermore, this generally results in speedier transactions with lower fees. You may also often receive better currency values with an individual customer than with a third-party firm.

It may also be helpful to use a peer-to-peer network to keep your bitcoins locked until you have received payment from the buyer. However, while employing the peer-to-peer selling approach, it is critical to be careful of scammers. Choose the peer-to-peer exchange site that you wish to utilize. Sign up and select your target buyer’s location. Then, use the marketplace to locate buyers and submit a trade request.

Most peer-to-peer networks include an escrow option, in which your bitcoins are not transferred to the buyer until you confirm payment has been received. Notably, peer-to-peer systems allow you to maintain your anonymity. Ensure to protect your connection and pay with online money or gift cards.

Rules And Regulations Of Tax

While cryptocurrencies are not specified in the Indian Income Tax Act, and no guidelines have been established, you must pay taxes on your earnings if you benefit from bitcoins. 

For tax purposes, any credible third-party broker market will record its transactions. Furthermore, most bitcoin-to-bank-account transfer options will incur exchange costs.

What Is Bitcoin Mining?

You may mine Bitcoin by solving a complex mathematical formula and updating the cryptocurrency record known as Blockchain

The equation for Bitcoin mining is so complex that it is exhausting even on the most powerful PC. Bitcoin mining has become increasingly challenging due to the virtual currency’s growth and advances in processing power. As more individuals attempt to mine cryptocurrency (bitcoin), the equation has grown more complicated, requiring more time to solve.

To mine Bitcoin, the miner must be the first to solve the equation and validate 1MB worth of Bitcoin transactions on the Blockchain, known as a ‘block.’ Furthermore, your mining machine decides which of the remaining outstanding transactions will be clustered together over the next block. 

The block you’ve constructed is then broadcast to the whole network for validation by other computers. Each computer confirms your solution and adds the transaction you choose to the following block to its copy of the transaction ledger. 

Following that, the system creates a small quantity of Bitcoins and compensates you for your efforts.

Benefits Of Trading In The Crypto Market

The crypto market has seen substantial volatility due to massive short-term speculation interest. Rapid intraday price changes can give traders a variety of chances to go long and short, but they also come with heightened risk. 

You may open a position on ‘margin’ — a deposit representing only a percentage of the total value of the transaction. This implies you may obtain market exposure while just committing a tiny portion of your wealth.

When you Invest in Cryptocurrencies, you invest in the asset, believing that its value will grow. However, when you speculate on the cryptocurrency market – termed as going short – you may profit from both rising and falling markets. 

Because CFD investing is a leveraged product, you can open a position on a ‘margin’ – a deposit that is just a portion of the total value of the transaction.


There is no best cryptocurrency to trade since each one is unique, offering a fantastic set of rewards and hazards to the trader. Your trading objectives, risk tolerance, and general interests will also determine the ideal cryptocurrency for you.

Hope this article on how to sell bitcoin in India is much helpful for you! 

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