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About Ftrans

For nearly a decade Ftrans has been helping lenders break down barriers to affordable funding to small- and medium-sized businesses. With our banking knowledge and experience, we’ve created quality products and services that support better portfolio management through easy-to-use monitoring of accounts receivable as a borrowing base.
Since its 2004 founding, Ftrans has invested in and proven a unique innovation which provides improved administrative processes to B2B sellers and improved loan monitoring to banks.  With Ftrans as a partner, banks can increase their lending capability and portfolio risk.
Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Ftrans is an innovative provider of technology enabled business process outsourcing services to small and medium businesses which sell to other businesses.  We combine a business line of credit with advanced receivables management providing businesses with the credit they deserve. 


Ftrans combines its advanced technology, credit information, and key role as the SMB’s AR manager to provide bank lending partners continuous visibility into the AR as collateral and enables effective and safe receivables based lending.  
This combination of funding and administrative process improvement enables the bank customer to increase cash availability, a primary motivation while achieving secondary benefits in reduced DSO and bad debt expense and at the same time reducing operating costs. An additional benefit is being able to offer buyers greater credit on more flexible terms to increase sales. 
We are gratified that success in serving our clients has been recognized by being named to the Inc 500 in 2009.


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