Working Capital financing for small businesses is available through Ftrans at an affordable rate.

Commercial Loan Monitoring from Ftrans

Ftrans's products are a break through in commercial loan collateral monitoring.   Our asset-based lending solution is built on a simple, yet powerful idea—provide a collateral monitoring system that makes lending to small businesses profitable for banks, and powerful for borrowers by enabling increased levels of funding.


Ftrans Monitoring 
Light monitoring with confidence.
Ftrans Monitoring allows lenders to confidently, capably and cost effectively extend working capital loans to new and existing clients.  Bridging the gap between lightly monitored, unsecured C&I lending and intensely monitored, secured asset-based lending, Ftrans Monitoring drives portfolio insight as needed across the bank and provides the risk monitoring banks cannot lend without Ftrans enables financial institutions to offer small businesses secured, monitored accounts receivable lines of credit.  Learn more...


Ftrans Advanced
Keep your loan risk in check with advanced collateral insight.
Our bank clients lend with more confidence based on real-time visibility into the borrowers AR and Ftrans' unique risk-indexed monitoring.  Lenders have insight to their clients’ AR collateral down to the individual customer or receivable through a web-based collateral management tool.  A reporting dashboard and portfolio funding report ensures that the right level of collateral monitoring is achieved with less administrative burden on the bank.  Learn more...



Enabling Financial Institutions' Success


Bank: Regional $34 billion+ asset bank

Challenge: Increase C&I lending & deposits; Manage commercial portfolio

Solution: FTRANS Commercial Lending Platform plus Trade Credit Express for business and commercial customers

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Bank: A growing $800 million asset bank

Challenge: New market growth

Solution: Trade Credit Express for customer acquisition

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Enabling Small Business Success


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