B2B eCommerce Businesses

B2B eCommerce & Receivables Financing

Realizing the vast lending potential in this market, FTRANS Corp. has launched an online payment platform designed specifically for B2B eCommerce. FTRANS Corp. delivers online merchants and their customers integral shopping cart functionality to manage real-time credit scoring/credit line approval, invoicing, monthly statements, automatic payment application and comprehensive reporting within an online store.

Offering on-line credit application
FTRANS Corp. offers on-line credit application interfaced with credit agencies in real time to determine the customers' eligibility for credit within minutes.

Offering credit terms at checkout
Offering delayed payment plans (n/30), revolving credit, and leases in addition to credit card and PayPal options improves your customer experience and leads to increased sales.

Integrates with your eCommerce platform at the point of checkout. FTRANS Corp.' platform leverages a variety of web services that allow the sharing of data easily between FTRANS Corp.' accounts receivable management software and many off-the-shelf eCommerce platforms and shopping cart software.

Offering brick & mortar options
The solution enables eCommerce retailers with physical locations to offer private label cards that allow customers to also purchase in-store utilizing credit card processing equipment already in place.